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7335 State Hwy 66 Custer, WI 54423. (715) 592-5111
The Matero's Story
Matero's Pub and Pizza sits just seven miles east of Stevens Point, at the corner of Hwy 66 & Z.  This newly
remodeled restaurant is the vision of Chris and Dawn Daniels. Owning this kind of establishment has been a
dream of theirs since they first met in 1992.

Chris developed his “pizza-making” skills during his youth, spending weekends and summers in the kitchen of
his Dad’s restaurant in Milwaukee.  Chris paid his dues, washing dishes, grinding cheese, making pizzas and
learning to tend bar, according to his Dad’s rigid standards. Chris intuitively developed the skills and passion
that would serve him so well in years to come when he decided to open his own restaurant. “Keep it simple,”  
“use only the finest and freshest ingredients," and “never forget the customer always comes first” were themes
drummed into Chris’s head back then and form the basis for the service and product he delivers today.

Dawn also comes to Matero’s with a solid background in restaurant management. Her aunt and uncle
operate a local restaurant. Working there throughout her youth, provided Dawn not only with steady
employment but also with the know how she brings to her business. Hard work and friendly service are the
principles Dawn lives by and imparts to both her staff and Matero's.

Both Chris and Dawn are “hands-on” owners.  Chris can be found tending bar (on those rare occasions when
he can get Johnny to take a night off), greeting customers on their busy Friday nights or “tossing pies” in the
kitchen.  Dawn likes to lend a hand wherever necessary, be it waiting tables or hostessing.  Chris and Dawn
will tell you that because they are blessed with the best staff in the area, their “hands-on” contributions are
dwindling.  This leaves them with valuable time to spend with their daughters, Hanna and Katie.  If you don’t
see Chris or Dawn when visiting Matero’s, it’s because they are with the two most important people in their
lives ; their girls.

Chris and Dawn welcome you to Matero’s and promise that they and their staff will do everything possible to
make your visit a memorable one.
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